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Fox and Angel is an international brand strategy, design and experience firm. Through Creativity, facts, and intuition, we mix science with art, setting-free the power of simplicity to help organizations realize their full potential.

An apogee once attained must be manintained

  • Research

    The art of reading the customers minds

    Most people may not always be able to tell you why they make decisions. But you waste time and resources if you come to solutions without knowing what motivates your audience. Our team of in-house researchers have developed proprietary tools to address branding challenges and make the imperative link between brand decisions and business results. We’ll help lay bare what truly drives all your stakeholders’ requirements, perceptions and behaviors, giving you the data to build brand strategies, stories and experiences that drive your business forward.

  • Strategy

    Make a blueprint for your brand

    Your brand should stand for something. This does not mean being different only, but having a purpose as well. Our strategists unearth and define your distinct truths by thorough research, studying the competitive landscape and knowing you as the organization you are. With this deep understanding of what sets you apart, we will provide you with the tools to deliver uncommonly simple experiences that not only strengthen your brand and turn customers into brand champions, but also position your company for long-term growth.

  • Naming

    Your name is out there, everywhere

    Whether the name of the brand is for a new company or a new app, people use it in conversations and tap on it on screens. They might even see it come to life on a billboard in your city. A great brand name should live as long as time, and therefore you need to get it right from the very beginning. In just one or two words, it explains the nitty-gritty of your company, product or service, making naming not just an art but a strategic attempt. Our specialized naming team brings a bag-full of naming experience to our clients. By extracting our knowledge of global languages, linguistics and trademark law, we develop brand names and build nomenclature systems that are strategically chosen and artfully placed.

  • Design

    Realize the grand design

    Strategy and intuition are two very important things when bringing great design to life. We carefully blend magic with logic to create inspiring, unforgettable brand identities, systems and experiences that flex and evolve with our clients’ ever-changing requirements.

  • Simplification

    The devil resides in the details

    To achieve clarity and customer focus in all touchpoints is no easy work. A single bad experience may be enough to make a brand fall apart. For brand simplification, we transmute all communications and interactions, even the most complex and information-intensive ones, into clear, useful and positive experiences your customers will remember.

  • Implementation

    Make sure your brand goes the distance

    Your real connect with a brand is built upon the experience you have had with it. How you deliver on the brand and keep delivering its power over a prolonged period of time is just as crucial as the creation of it. That is the power of brand implementation. With sound strategic thinking and sharp technical proficiency, we map the touchpoints where your brand is, or could be, experience after which we provide expert guidance on the costs, priorities and possibilities of delivering on your brand promise—with the right audiences, at the right times, in the right places.

  • Communication

    Tell a the best story ever

    The right words stimulate, connect and transform. The wrong ones may cause perpetual damage. Language holds the key to bringing strategy to life. To reach the people who matter, you need to catch hold of a unique story and tell it with conviction. We’ll work with you to set the tone for your brand, lay the groundwork to get your message across and create the content that commands attention in all the right ways.

  • Medium

    take your claim on all spaces under the sun

    A medium is no more a platform or an isolated strategy but an entity that permeates every part of your brand expression. As your audiences pace across screens, your company must adapt itself to their needs while considering how your brand reacts to the environments that it comes to be a part. We’ll help you stay ahead of the game by developing original digital experiences that surprise with the power of their simplicity.